Pagination in WP & the Autopaginate Plugin

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Pagination in WP

One of the great features native to WordPress is the Page-Link tag, which enables you to paginate long posts or pages. You can split them into two or more pages by adding the <!–nextpage–> tag wherever you want a page break.  You must add the tag in HTML view for it to work properly.  The result will look something like this:

All the page numbers are links, except for the current page number.

The Autopaginate Plugin

If you want to get serious about your pagination, this fantastic plugin will do the job. The Autopaginate plugin by Simon Wheatley automatically splits your longer posts into multiple pages on the paragraph boundaries.  It respects posts which have been manually paginated, and doesn’t mess with your changes to the pagination which is automatically added.

Once installed, you set the preferred number of words per page.  This new setting will be available in Settings > Writing in the WordPress admin dashboard.  The default is 700.

The “Force pagination” option will override all current pagination and insert the page breaks according to the setting you’ve chosen above.  This option will be in your Publish box when you create a new post or page. (When you’re editing an existing post you’ll have the option to repaginate, as shown below.)

Note:  This plugin requires PHP5





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