The NextGEN Gallery Plugin for WP

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The NextGEN Gallery is a fully integrated image gallery plugin for WordPress with a slideshow option. Its robust back-end enables you to easily administer multiple galleries, and organize these galleries into albums, if you like.  (You group images into galleries, and you can then group galleries into albums.)


Some of the many features of this very popular plugin include:

  • Role settings: Each gallery has an author
  • AJAX based thumbnail generator.
  • Copy/Move: Copy or move images between galleries
  • Watermark function: You can add a watermark image or text
  • JavaScript Effect: Use any popular image effect: Shutter, Thickbox, Lightbox or Highslide
  • CSS Stylesheets: Use a nice shadow effect for your thumbnails with your own CSS file
  • Slideshow: Fully integrated slideshow as a jQuery or Flash solution
  • TinyMCE: Button integration for easily adding the gallery tags
  • Sidebar Widget: Show a slideshow, random or recent picture at your sidebar
  • Upload tab integration: Access to all pictures via the upload tab
  • A widget which displays the most recent images in the sidebar

   (The Gallery settings panel in the WordPress dashboard.)


You can include elements in pages or posts using these shortcodes:

  • Gallery: [ nggallery id=x ]
  • Album: [ album id=x template=extend ]  or  [ album id=x template=compact ]
  • Slideshow: [ slideshow id=x w=width h=height ]
  • Single photo: [ singlepic id=x w=width h=height mode=web20|watermark float=left|right ]
  • Image browser: [ imagebrowser id=x ]
  • Images sorted by tags: [ nggtags gallery=mytag,wordpress,... ]
  • Tag albums: [ nggtags album=mytag,wordpress,... ]
  • Random mages: [ random max=x  ]
  • To show the most recently added images: [ recent max=x  ]

In this implementation I’m using the NextGEN Gallery plugin in conjunction with the jQuery Colorbox plugin.

Demo Gallery






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