The jQuery Colorbox Plugin for WP

The jQuery Colorbox plugin for WordPress adds jQuery Colorbox/Lightbox functionality to images and links. It also works very well in conjunction with the NexGEN gallery plugin for enhanced photo gallery management.


All images can have the Colorbox effect by default – if this option is checked in the plugin’s settings. (Click the image on the left for a demo.)

Note: To exclude an image from Colorbox in a page or post, add the CSS class “colorbox-off” to the image or to the link tags you want to exclude. jQuery Colorbox does not add the colorbox effect to images that have the CSS class “colorbox-off”.

With the Colorbox effect default set for all images, a simple gallery is created by default for all images in a post or page, because the same CSS class is added. All images with the same CSS class are grouped. (ex: class=”colorbox-123″)



To open a link in Colorbox, add the “colorbox-link” class. Here is a link that opens the author’s plugin page in a Colorbox window.

Syntax example: <a class="colorbox-link" href="">


The plugin’s configuration options link is found under Settings in your WP Dashboard. (Click the image to enlarge.)  It offers 11 different themes (at the time of this writing anyway) and settings to manage things like slideshow options, maximum widths and heights for images and links windows, transition types, speed, and the page overlay opacity.

All in all this is a great plugin and I recommend it highly.







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