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Folder Control Panel (cPanel) (3)
Useful tips regarding cPanel, your hosting account control panel.
Folder Databases (MySQL) (3)
Tips to help you understand and use your MySQL database.
Folder Domain Names and DNS (13)
Information about domain names, sub domains, parked domains, addon domains, etc..
Folder Email (10)
Useful information to help you manage email accounts on your server.
Folder File Transfer (FTP) (3)
Information about transferring files to and from your hosting account.
Folder Troubleshooting (5)
Having problems? A few pieces of advice. Need more help? Please email or submit a ticket.

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Someone is spamming my forms/blog/guestbook. What can I do to stop or report them?
1) Reporting spammer to the source network does not usually help. However, if you really want to report, you can note down the IP of the spammer [...
Views: 2402
What is a parked domain?
Parked domains are additional domains which you host on your account. They will display the same website as your primary domain and do not have...
Views: 922
What is an addon domain?
An addon domain is a fully functional domain that can be created from within your control panel. Think of it as having multiple hosting packages...
Views: 887
How do I manage my email through my web browser (webmail)?
To access webmail go to:
Views: 883
My site or ftp service seems slow, just stops, or doesn't connect. Why is that?
There are various of factors that can contribute to occasional slow download speeds or time-outs. If it seems that your site generally is always...
Views: 856

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